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With the flexibility of a 24 month term or month-to-month option and the cost saving of combining with an ACN Mobile service on the same account, M2 has the Mobile Broadband plan to suit your needs and your budget.

M2 telecommunications®

^ When combined with an eligible ACN mobile service on the same account. Discount will automatically be applied by M2 following submission of your application.
# If you disconnect the service within the 24 months service term, an early termination fee of 50% x the monthly fee for each remaining month of the service term, plus any outstanding charges is payable immediately.
* $120 Upfront Modem cost includes modem delivery fee and will be charged to your first invoice following dispatch of the modem.


Things you should know
1. All pricing is exclusive of 15% GST.
2. The M2 Mobile Broadband service operates on the Vodafone 3G Broadband / 3G Extended Broadband networks. To check the 3G coverage in the areas you intend to use the service before deciding to purchase this product, click here.
3. If you exceed your plan’s included data allowance of 1GB (1GB Plan) or 3GB (3GB Plan) in any billing month, additional excess usage will be charged at 15¢ per MB or part thereof. Both upload and download data counts towards total monthly data usage.
4. National and international SMS sent using this service will be charged at 20¢ per message in addition to your monthly plan fee.
5. Bundled pricing is available to customers who combine M2 Mobile Broadband with an eligible ACN M2Smart mobile service on the same account.

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