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Important things to know before applying for your Phone Line and ADSL Service

Please have the below prior to applying for your service online.

  •  Most current telephone bill
  •  Employment details
  •  IBO Business ID

If you are an existing Toll Only or Phone Line Access customer and wish to add ADSL at your address please call Customer Service on 0508 226 000 and we will assist you over the phone.

Please do NOT cancel your account with your existing service provider until your service is working with ACN.

Cooling-off Period

Residential customers are entitled to a 10 day cooling-off period. Should you wish to exercise your right to cancel within this period, please call CAN Customer Service on 0508 226 000. Cancellation occurring after the expiry of the cooling-off period will be subject to ACN’s standard Early Termination Fees*.

*An Early Termination Fee of $199.00 applies if you cancel your ADSL service (including phone line service if you are in a Phone Line + ADSL Bundle) within your first 12 months.

Things to know when entering your details online:

Section 1: Applicant Details

  • Select your customer status: If you are an existing customer you need to have your current ACN Account Number. This can be located on the front page of your ACN telephone bill. 
  • Customer Type: Please select either Business or Residential depending on whether this is an existing residential or business account.
  • Name: Your full name must be provided – initials are NOT accepted.
  • Date of Birth: Eligible customers must be 18 years or over.
  • Email Address: A copy of your application form will be sent to your email address. If your IBO is signing up on your behalf you must please sign and date the application and fax this back to ACN on 0508 226 001. If you have applied for ADSL please ensure you provide a valid email address. Once a connection date is set for your ADSL connection an email will be sent to you with your new ACN ADSL service settings. Please ensure you check your emails regularly for any service activation updates. If you require assistance setting up your existing modem please contact ACN Tech Support on the connection day.
  • Contact Telephone & Mobile: ACN will contact you on numbers you have provided to advise you of the progress of your application. Please ensure you have at least one number that you are contactable on during business hours.

Section 2: Services Requested

  • Services: Please select Phone Line access or Phone Line Access + DSL depending on your requirements. Please ensure your services remain active with your current service provider to ensure you are without service disruption during your transfer period.
  • Current telephone number: This is the phone number of your Phone Line service. If you have selected ADSL this should also be the service number that your current connection is connected to.
  • Service Qualification for ADSL Services: Please ensure that they have done a service qualification test to determine whether ADSL is available for you. Click here to access to the SQ checker.
  • Current Phone Service Provider: This is the name of the company you are currently with for your phone access. You can find this information on your Telephone Bill. Please ensure this is correct on the application as this is used to verify that this is your account.
  • Current Provider Account Number: Your Customer ID number with your current provider. This can be located on your Telephone bill. Telecom NZ customers must provide a 9 digit account number. Please ensure this is correct on the application as this can cause the order to be rejected by the Carrier.
  • Service Address Details: This is the address of where your phone connection is located.
  • Existing Value Added Services: If you have Call Minder/Call Waiting etc on your current Telecom NZ account, when you move across to ACN these services will automatically be provisioned for you. If you wish to cancel these, please contact Customer Services after you are activated. 
    As a reseller of Telecommunications Services there are some call types or other services which may be obtained by you using your telephone service for which it is difficult for ACN to know pricing in advance.These services include calls to 0900 numbers. Where you use such services where the price is not set in ACN's NZ Tariff, ACN will charge you the amount it is charged by its supplier plus a maximum mark-up of 10% to cover costs (administrative, financial etc.).

Selecting your correct plan:

  • Phone Line Access Plans: This is your line rental plan. It is differentiated by your location and line type. Don’t worry if you are a home line customer and aren’t sure if you should be Essential Home or Essential Home Urban, we will know by your location and assign you the correct rateplan.


I'm a: My Location is: My Access Plan is: Further Info Can I have  PickNMix Calling Plans?  Can I have ACN ADSL Plans?
Home Phone Customer The metropolitan areas of Auckland, Wellington or Christchurcn Essential Home Urban If you are not sure if your addres is in the metropolitan  area of Auckland, Wellington or Chirstchurch, select Urban and we will correct if necessary. Yes! Yes!
HomePhone Customer Outside of the metropolitan areas of Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch Essential Home   Yes! Yes!
Business Customer Anywhere in NZ ACN Business Plan When we submit your order to Telecom NZ, they will be able to tell by your address which line access you require. Sorry, our ACN calling plans are only available to ACN residential customers Yes!


Section 3: Credit Check Assessment

  • Please provide the details of one form of Primary ID or two forms of Secondary ID.
  • Your employment status and details need to be provided for credit check purposes.
  • If you are unable to provide Primary ID and is submitting the application with two forms of Secondary ID, ACN may contact you for further information for your credit assessment if required.

Primary ID: One form of Government issued documentation stating your full legal name and date of birth.
• Drivers Licence
• Passport
• 18+ Photo Identification card
• Birth Certificate

Secondary ID: Two forms of the following documents, that are in your name with your current address that are not more than 3 months old.
• Bank Statement
• Telephone Bill
• Internet Bill
• Power Bill
• Electricity Bill

Once you have submitted your application you will receive an E-Mail confirmation of your ACN order. ACN Customer Service may contact you during the activation process to communicate time frames of your order.

The standard connection times are below:
Toll Only: Up to 5 working days
Full Line Access & Toll: Up to 5 working days
ADSL Broadband: Up to 10 working days.

Thank you for considering ACN as your communications provider.

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